What To Expect After Your Very First Micro Needle Therapy Session?

Microneedling therapy is presently touted as one of the best aesthetic treatments in the marketplace and has been for the last few years. This is primarily because this skin restoration strategy addresses a range of skin concerns that pester both males and females. It resolves the most common skin issues, such as wrinkles, to the more stubborn concerns, such as scars and stretch marks.

You might be wondering though — is it the right skin care solution for you? What can you expect out of it and what type of skin problems is it suitable for? These are good questions, and in this post, we aim to offer the answers.

Micro Needle Treatment– How does it work?

Microneedling or collagen induction treatment is a visual procedure that produces small punctures to the skin which then sets off the skin’s natural healing procedure. Collagen and elastin production is the skin’s standard action to such micro-injuries, resulting in smoother, brighter skin.

Inning by skin experts, micro needling outcomes are more evident and quicker than those from conventional skin clearing techniques such as IPL and fractional laser. To better understand micro needling before and after results, it would be best to have a good understanding of what the procedure can do for you.

The benefits of micro needling therapy


Professionals who have consisted of micro-needling treatment as part of their series of services are encouraging clients to choose Dermapen over other traditional therapies.

Here are the reasons why:

Faster healing time

Less threat of developing adverse effects and complications

Can be utilised for any ages and across all skin types

Useful in minimising the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet

Skin needling is much more affordable and less invasive than other cosmetic surgical treatments that aim to produce similar results.

Precisely what makes micro needling results better than those of traditional skin treatments?

Among the most distinctive qualities of micro needling is that individuals who undergo the treatment do not have to take a break to recuperate. There is no downtime connected with a Dermapen micro-needling treatment. You can resume your daily regimen without stressing over skipping an exercise or deviating from your routine.