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Therapeutic Massage

There’s no fooling that having massage regularly contributes to over-all good health.  Clients who come for massage on a consistent basis notice more energy, fewer seasonal illnesses, and quicker recovery time from unusual activity or stress.  Many, who have physically demanding jobs, realize that frequent and regular massages maintain their ability to  keep on working without injury.  Whatever “regular” might mean–weekly, monthly, every six weeks–your body will get into the “massage habit” and remind you that it’s time to see Emily for massage.

By improving the energy flow, massage/bodywork induces a state of relaxation on all levels — mind, body, emotional and spiritual. For this reason it is readily integrated into other treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, counseling and medical treatments for disease or accident, with very beneficial results. Massage and bodywork are natural components of holistic and integrative medicine concepts of enabling the body to self-heal. Restoration to a much-improved sense of total well-being is my hope for each client.

Massage types and techniques used during a session may vary, depending upon the client’s health history, current condition and perceived needs and expectations. After discussing these factors, Emily formulates a unique plan for each client using one or more of the following types of therapies:

Restorative Swedish Massage

At Natural Therapeutics, Emily offers Swedish massages in her private Neenah office.  These massages work directly on the skin with non-scented oils or lotion.  (Clients may request a therapeutic-grade essential oil by Young Living.)   Emily uses a variety of strokes and degrees of pressure and speed, along with a wide range of specialized techniques to provide nurturing touch to soften muscle tissue and remove knots or scar tissue. Swedish massage impacts the heart and lymph circulatory systems, speeding naturally- occurring healing processes, relieving muscle tension and pain and eliminating toxins that have been released from muscle tissue.  Swedish massage helps the client relax mentally as well as physically,  restoring the body and mind to a state of equilibrium and receptivity to healing.

“Massage is the only source that relieves my pain–nothing else has worked.”  P.C.

“I know that regular massage is keeping me able to work as I do.”  R.H.

“I travel to many countries and always have massages on the trips. There is something about Emily’s work that helps me to relax more deeply than I have ever experienced.”  W.T

Prenatal Massage

Emily considers the special needs of the mother and the stage of her pregnancy to assure her safety and comfort. Swedish massage techniques are most often used as the mother rests upon a body cushion in a reclining or side-lying position. Both mother and fetus benefit from relaxation.

Research shows that massage during pregnancy reduces stress hormones and reduce the possibility of miscarriage and low birth weight, as well as relieving pain and the  discomforts that pregnancy may heighten.  Massage also helps to relieve anxiety which often results in tight shoulders, stomach upset, and insomnia.  Regular appointments for massage during and after pregnancy with Emily in her comfortable Neenah office help to assure comfort and ease throughout this blessed time of life.

“I am eight months pregnant and after this massage, I feel light as a feather!” M.B.

“I have gone to Emily for massages throughout four pregnancies. I couldn’t do without them.” B.W.

Oncology Massage

Massage therapy is increasingly being used to manage treatment-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and to improve quality of life during treatment, recovery and survival of cancer.  All the best efforts of human healing are being brought to bear in assisting people to continue live as well as is possible and to enjoy their passions throughout the challenge.

Knowledge of oncology massage is essential for both therapists and people living with cancer. The benefits of massage for people who face the challenges of cancer are well supported by clinical research and the data shows that massage improves physical, physiological and emotional well-being. All this, and it feels great too! To read the data, go to

Massage for cancer patients is now available since Emily received continuing education that addressed the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the particular issues around the disease and special patient care. Working with the client and medical staff, Emily is able to plan a very specific massage for each client.

The emphasis is on providing relaxation and all the benefits to mind and body that massage is capable of.  Quiet surroundings and calming music accompany nurturing touch that is so often missing during illness. Frequently, energy work such as acupressure is added. Not only is physical pain reduced; anxiety and depression are also relieved. Choose Emily at Natural Therapeutics as your Neenah WI oncology massage therapist.

“This must be what heaven is like. I haven’t been able to relax this much in years.”  Cancer Survivor