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Energy Work

CranioSacral Therapy

The primary purpose of CST is to assess the quality and condition for the craniosacral system and to do the protocol in order to restore both the optimal flow and balance to it. This is the system that regulates the health of the endocrine system. Focused energy penetrates to the deepest levels of body, mind and spirit.

CST benefits people who suffer from chronic conditions such as migraines, TMJ, stroke, head/neck trauma from accident and stress-related fatigue and anxiety. For many clients, it provides the deepest degree of relaxation, almost a meditation state in which dreams, visions, solutions, inspirations arise. The session is often done with the client remaining clothed. Very light touch is used, but because of the synergy of energies it is powerful work.

“I relax so deeply during craniosacral therapy that it is my meditation time.  It’s the only time when I can really ‘empty’ my mind.”  P.M.

“Since I have had CST sessions, my migraines have disappeared.”  S.J.

“For half a day, I was free of the anxiety that I have experienced–the longest period of time in weeks.” S.M.


Many of the same facts and benefits that apply to CST make acupressure a very safe means to induce a state of relaxation and relief from pain.

The protocol that Emily uses is based on Jin ShinDo and the Taoist philosophy that “change is the only constant” in this life.  Universally, as well as individually, there are cycles that are normal occurances.  This modality seeks to return balance to body, mind and spirit in the midst of experiencing extremes.  Patterns emerge; feelings surface. A greater sense of inner peace and harmony are able to find expression in all of life.

Jin Shin Do is a method of systematically applying finger pressure to various  combinations of pressure points within a segment of related pressure points in order to free up the flow of energy and release the pain the blocked energy is causing.

In Organ Meridian Massage, pressure points along meridians are engaged.  These are related to specific organs and their accompanying emotions, so that feelings are engaged and release is facilitated.  For instance:  A person who experiences very sensitive pressure points along the heart meridian, may discover that they are able to feel such emotions as self-doubt, disconnectedness, narcissism as pressure is applied to a point.  Awareness of the feeling, perhaps associating it with a memory, bringing it to the present are steps that make it possible to let it release and leave the body.

To encourage clients to experience Jin Shin Do, Emily is offering 1 1/2 hour sessions for the cost of one  hour ($60) during August and September.  These sessions proceed at the pace of release–often up to 1 1/2 hours.

Again, light pressure is used and the client may remain clothed. It is possible to include the entire body with the client lying supine, making it an ideal modality to use when it is painful or impossible for the client to turn over.

Raindrop Therapy

It may be hard to realize that something so aromatic can be as effective as Raindrop Therapy is, so it is not to be discounted for its therapeutic value.

A sequence of nine therapeutic-grade essential oils are systematically applied, first to the arch of each foot and then along the spine, along with gentle massage strokes to disperse them. The oils have been selected for their unique vibrations which seek out the client’s own unique vibrations. Therapeutic-grade essential oils produced by Young Living are used at Natural Therapeutics.  At a cellular level, the vibrations alter the body tissue to restore balance, thus releasing tension and pain.

Spiritual Support


45 minute sessions provide sacred space and time in which to explore one’s spiritual nature, tune into Spirit’s love and awareness of themselves and to become aware of insights to perplexing situations. Each session is unique–sometimes, in silence, other times listening to someone’s deeply held sorrow.

“I have known that I have Guides; today one told me its name.” J.O.

“I have always wished that I could really sense Jesus’ presence. I don’t know if it was Jesus, but I felt the caress of warm breath and a kiss on my cheek. It was wonderful.” R.S.

Heart-Centered Therapy

Because muscle tissue is such a willing receptacle for emotions, Heart-centered Therapy is a valuable resource for accessing emotions and memories that may have been “put into storage” deep in body consciousness.

HCT is a very gentle, heart-centered dialoging process of discovering the past that have remained unresolved and yet they influence present decisions and behaviors. From the perspective of the heart’s compassion and innate harmony, one sees ‘the big picture” of the trauma–all the people, and other elements that played into it.

Insights shed light on present circumstances, helping to understand how certain patterns of thought are repeated. Clients have been able to let go of lifelong disabling habits.